The Partnership

  • Heraklion Port Authority, End User (Lead Partner)
  • Wartsila Hellas Internal Combustion Engines SA, Tech Advisor (Partner)
  • Hellenic Mediterranean University, S/D Analysis, (Partner)
  • BMG Marine PCC, Electromechanical Studies, (Partner)
  • Premium Consulting, CBA Expert, (Partner)
  • Anelixis Business & Organization Development Consultants, Exploitation, (Partner)
  • MSI Hellas Private Security Company, Security Plan, (Partner)
  • National Technical University of Athens, Risk Assessment (subcontractors)


The development of the Port of Heraklion in time followed broader geopolitical developments, in a way that met the needs of each historical period. The original construction at this site was made by the Arabs in the 9th-10th century AD, with a larger configuration during the Venetian ages (17th century). It is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, with the ability to accommodate fishing, passenger ships, pleasure boats, large cruise ships and cargo ships. It is bordered by an artificial jetty 2 km long. The port of Heraklion is located in a particularly strategic position in the Mediterranean, near the center of the northern axis of Crete and is the main entrance – exit gate of the city and the island.

In total, the port consists of three watersheds; An internal (Venetian port) of 35,300 m2 and then two external, of 426,561 m2 and 355,756 m2 respectively, in which they project five piers.

Pier I is mainly used by cruise ships, yachts, yachts and fishing vessels. Pier II is used by the ferry ships, piers III and IV – V are the place where the goods move but also the mooring of the large cruise ships, while at pier V the boats are repaired. Pier VI is the leeward pier of the last extension of the port to the east, while the main protection of the two external watersheds is provided by the leeward pier.

The total length of the port infrastructure is 7,325 meters. These are quay walls with sea depths ranging from 3 to 15 meters. West of the main port is the bay of Linoperamaton, where mainly fuel and cement are traded.

The land areas of the port occupy an area of 611 acres (including the similar areas). The land areas of the piers have an area of 191.5 acres, while the area of the free zone is 12.3 acres. In the port zone there are 34 buildings and related facilities for various uses, catering – leisure, offices, cruise and cruise passenger stations, outposts, institute of marine biology, public transport, theater station, warehouses, workshops, substations, fire tanks, water tanks, firebox, bridge, port uses (tidal program, navigation station, etc.), sanitary facilities, veterinary clinic, customs, lighthouse, etc., with a total area of 22,300 sq.m.

The Port of Heraklion Organization has a fishing shelter and a mooring area for private yachts which operates within the “Venetian Port of Heraklion”.

Minas Papadakis




Wärtsilä is a global leader in innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. We emphasise innovation in sustainable technology and services to help our customers continuously improve their environmental and economic performance.

Wärtsilä Greece, a subsidiary of Wärtsilä Corporation, is specialized in the trade, sales and maintenance of complete solutions for the energy, marine and offshore markets.

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics (located in Hamburg, Germany), also a subsidiary of Wärtsilä Corporation, is experienced in the development, installation and maintenance of fully functional shore connection systems, and have delivered more than 100 High Voltage Shore Connection Containers (SAMCon) for existing and newbuilding vessels.

Our combined knowledge and expertise make Wärtsilä an ideal partner of the Action, participating in the preparation of the engineering design studies for the installation of the OPS system.

Giannis Moraitakis

Sales Manager, Marine Power.



Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU) is a Public Educational Institution. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate education, research, and direct contribution to the regional and broader development of Crete and the Country, through lifelong learning, offering high profile technological and consultancy services to the industry, and technology transfer.

Dr. Alexandros Paspatis



BMG MARINE provides a wide range of services in engineering and consulting. Company is equipped with highly experienced Engineers focused on delivering fully integrated and innovative solutions. The main expertise of BMG MARINE is to provide solutions in the field of shipping, aiming sustainability and effectiveness in every project. Other fields where the company is involved are Renewable Energy and Green Economy, Electrical and Mechanical studies for industry, Automation and Energy management. The basic cooperators are Shipyards, Hellenic Navy, Industries, Energy producers and Companies providing electrical and mechanical equipment for shipping.

Fotis Georgakis

Electrical Engineer


Premium Consulting

Premium Consulting is a Business Development & Consulting entity, founded in 2006, operating in Greece, Cyprus and Montenegro. The company maintains solid capacity on Economic Analysis, Business Development and Consulting for Private and Public Investments, co-financed projects at European level, as well as specialized Studies covering the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Premium Consulting offers integrated services for business development and project finance through structural funds and conventional funding sources (Development Law, Interreg Transnational & Cross Border, HORIZON 2020, MED, ENPI & ENI MED, ADRION, Erasmus+, EASME, etc.). Premium Consulting also develops specialized Vocational Training Courses covering specific topics of the shipping and transport sector. The highly qualified staff (50% holds a PhD and 90% holds an MBA or MSc) of the company and the significant network of external advisors, consultants and partners guarantees high quality services and efficiency. The company is certified for ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 14001/2004 standards.

Fotis Georgakis

Managing Director



Anelixis Development Consultants S.A. was established, in 2009, by professional economists with experience in Business Consulting. Its main activity is to provide technical support to private and public sector, while our specialized object is: Technical consulting services to private, public and wider public sector, Economic interest studies, Development and management of European Programs, Management of co-financed projects in the wider public sector, Strategic Planning, Business re-organization, Dissemination events, Training and educational activities and preparation for Quality Management Systems acquisition. Anelixis Development Consultants S.A. is certified and implements the following quality systems ISO 9001: 2015, ELOT 1435:2009 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Giannis Mavrogiannis

President & CEO



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